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Gender : Nam
Age : 20
Live in : Hàn Quốc
96年生の大学生です 日本に三回行ってきました 長く連絡ができる友達を探しています まだ日本語が上手ではなくて一緒に話をしながらもっと多く知りたいです 返事があまりにも遅く...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 19
Live in : Nhật
How do you do I m the student who lives in JapanEnglish and Korean are being studied at a universityI want you to continue a good relation each otherI m waiting for a mailA favorite singer is Ali Ana ...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 21
Live in : Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ
Merhabahello everyoneI am Ozge from TurkeyI am a student in English Language TeachingI am here to improve my English and looking for penpal friendI really like to writing letters and sending giftsIf y...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 14
Live in : Pháp
Bonjourje m appelle Lisaj ai 14 ansj habite en FranceJ adore la culture asiatique et la musiqueje parle fran aisanglaisespagnol et j apprends le cor enN h sitez me contactez si vous avez des questions...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 22
Live in : Ba Lan
HiI m Gabriela and I m from PolandI m university studentI love listen to kpop and watch kdramabut not only thoseIn the futureI want to visit JapanChina and especially South Korea and see there a lot o...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 24
Live in : Hàn Quốc
はじめまして 日本語の勉強中の韓国女性です 私は来年の東京でワーキングホリデー準備しています 日本語の勉強を開始しましたが ひらがな終えたばかりの初心者なので 日本語をも...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 17
Live in : Hoa Kỳ
Hello ٩و I came here hoping to make many different friendsㅂ و I m attempting to learn Korean and Japanese at the same timeI m not fluent in either yetBut I love learning about other cultures and histo...
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