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Gender : Nam
Age : 30
Live in : Hàn Quốc
HiこんにちはI live in Seoul. I like music, dancing, playing piano and guitar. I m not fluent. But I have a lot of interest in English and want to be good at it. You ll come to korea and if u want, I ll gui...
Gender : Nam
Age : 29
Live in : Hàn Quốc
こんにちは 僕は92年生まれの韓国人です 韓国の大邱の隣に住んでいます 大学で日本学を専攻して 日本語で話せます 趣味は映画鑑賞です また 旅行も好きです 日本人のかたと気軽く ...
Gender : Nam
Age : 39
Live in : Hàn Quốc
はじめまして ソウルに住んでる韓国人です 事業してるんです 友と食事したり飲んだりしながら話すのが好きです 男女関係なくいろんな話ができる人 日本語ももっと慣れるように頑...
Gender : Nam
Age : 27
Live in : Hàn Quốc
Hi friend D old 25 I want learn english to friend Send to me e mail It s me easy to friendship no prblem Learn to you about korea e mail send fast I m Fr...
Gender : Nam
Age : 46
Live in : Hàn Quốc
Hello. I am a Korean, 46 year old man. I am here to practice English and look for some good friends who can keep in touch for a long time around the world. I d like to talk about Books, movies, life a...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 18
Live in : Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ
Hi, My name is Esra, I was born in 2002. I like listening to classical music. I love everything about music. I want to have foreign friends. I m waiting for your mai...
Gender : Nữ
Age : 16
Live in : Australia
Hello, my name is Chloe I m a shy and clumsy girl born and raised in Australia I would love to live in another country hence why I am learning different languages. I m still a student, so if I don t r...
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